What to Do after Your Event has ended

So, you hired an event planning company such as The CBM Group to strategize your party and it was a great time! But now that it has come and gone, what happens next? There are a number of tasks that need to be taken care of following an event. Just when you think your event’s management is over with, it really is not. As a group of experienced event planners for corporate functions, personal parties, and weddings, we know a few tips and tricks that should be carried out post-production. While your event planner will be helping to manage of the aftermath to-do’s that will need to be checked off, it’s beneficial for you as the host to also be aware of them for future reference. After all, you’ve counted on your event planning consultants to make your event the talk of the town – so they know what’s best!


Your first thought to being an event host is that the event’s destination will need to be cleaned up, packed away, and cleared of all items. However, cleaning up isn’t the only duty that must be taken care of after your festivity. Even after your party is over, your event planner will be working with you to tackle the rest of the event-planning chores that are necessary. Once you’ve accomplished all of your post-production errands, you’ll be thanking yourself later. Completing these crucial responsibilities after your event has ended will put you at an advantage when it comes to your future endeavors with your guests.


Show Gratitude to Everyone Who Helped 

Your event wouldn’t have happened without great teamwork. Take the time to thank everyone who was involved in planning, coordinating, and contributing to your event. Express your appreciation for their hard work and help. Next time you throw another function, the same people may be even more willing to play a role in the production. Don’t forget to shed light on the individuals who went beyond expected to make the occasion successful.


Share Your Awesome Experience

Feel free to take advantage of social media and spread the news of the event to friends, family, and colleagues. Unless it is a private event, exposing the details of the experience with others lets people who couldn’t make it know what they missed. Sharing the highlights of the event also provides documentation of the memories made, so that guests can look back on it later to reminisce. Showcasing a video or photos of the event also presents its success.


Thank the Guests for Coming

Number one rule of thumb is to always thank your guests for attending. Provide them with any useful information they may need about the event they experienced and make sure that they have your contact credentials for future reference. This shows that you have enjoyed their company and anticipate their attendance again the next time around. For those who couldn’t make it, send them a report of what the event entailed so that they can be filled in on what they missed.


Evaluate Your Event Metrics

To determine how successful your event was, collect vitals so that you can evaluate the turnout. It is best to gather the metrics immediately following to get a clear picture. Put your event’s feedback into perspective by evaluating key aspects such as the tally of participant numbers and social media results. You can use this information to measure the budget, ROI, and statistics of your festivity.


Respond to Feedback and Inquiries

One of the things that make a good host is the quick response to all of the guests’ feedback and inquiries afterward. Stalling to answer guests may put a small chip on their shoulder.


Whether it’s a picnic with catering in Philadelphia or a fundraiser in Bucks County, PA, performing these few post-production tasks will highly benefit the results of the event.