Tips to Organize Your Back to the Office Party

As restrictions across the nation begin lifting, Americans will find themselves returning to the workplace en masse. The COVID-19 pandemic upended millions of lives, and when we can go back to the office and be together again, a fun way to welcome everyone back is with a catered luncheon. Catering by Mario’s, Philadelphia’s premier corporate caterers, offer some tips on how to pull off a spectacular Welcome Back Party for the entire team. 

The Right Space

No matter how large your team is, selecting the right location for your corporate lunch is crucial to its success. Spaces with ample room for tables, spots for food set up and prep, and the ability for your employees to mingle with their coworkers they haven’t seen for a while comprise the ideal location for your welcome back party. 

Avoid Bottlenecks

You also want the party space designed in such a way that minimizes potential bottlenecks. The line to the food needs to flow smoothly for the event to go off without a hitch. An example of a bottleneck would be if the food line bisects the tables, and conversations between peers that are in line and sitting slows down the line. These scenarios can negatively impact the perception of the luncheon as a whole. 

Choose an Inclusive Menu 

Not everyone enjoys the same taste in food. Dietary restrictions, lifestyle choices, religious considerations, and personal taste varies from person to person. Depending on your company, you can precisely tailor the menu to fit the dietary needs of each team member. 

For larger businesses, however, meeting each individual’s specific needs will unnecessarily raise the budget to an untenable amount. That does not mean you neglect those with these restrictions when planning out the menu. Instead, work with your caterer to develop a menu that meets the needs of your employees and stays within budget. Ask your team members ahead of time what their dietary restrictions are and let the caterer know so they can build the perfect menu to show how much you care for your employees. 

At Catering by Mario’s, we are currently offering our meal prep menu to help feed you and your family for the coming week. If you are in the stages of wedding planning for late 2020 or in 2021 and want to discuss specifics with one of the best wedding planners in Philadelphia, contact us today at 267-234-7905 to learn more!