Tips to Make Your Christmas Party Extra Special This Year

Christmas is a fantastic time of year for families to get together and celebrate. Christmas movies can be played on repeat, Christmas songs can light up the jukebox, and festive cocktails are officially allowed to flow. Here at We provide exclusive Christmas menus to a host of different events every year. Although hosting a shindig at this time of year can seem daunting, we’ve listed some tips below to help make your Christmas party extra special in 2019.

Grab Some Portable Mistletoe

All holiday parties need mistletoe, and mobile mistletoe means that love can ring in the air throughout your house or party venue. All that’s required is a purchase of some fake mistletoe, which can be glued to a pencil or a rod. Then, it can be used as a prop or for photos, or maybe to annoy your teenager and her boyfriend.

Make Snow Globe Balloons

Unlike glass snow domes that are heavy and can be dangerous, you can make your snow globe balloons using simple materials like clear balloons, white tissue paper, plastic disposable cups, glue, and a paintbrush. The popularity of this trend makes it easy to go online and find instructions for putting these materials together into a one-of-a-kind decoration. Although they may be a little messy, it’s much safer to be clearing up bits of the balloon than shards of glass.

DIY Food and Drink Stalls

Party guests love to be involved in the festivities. That’s why DIY treats are incredibly popular. A good idea is to ask guests to make their own cocktails or decorate their own festive cakes. Why not create a competition between your colleagues and see who can make the best cocktail of the evening?

DIY Christmas Decorations

Depending on how interested your friends are in arts and crafts, you could choose an advanced option, like a Christmas pottery class, or something else that’s a little simpler but more creative. Why not follow the zero waste trend and create handmade Christmas decorations out of organic or plastic-free materials?

Whatever you choose to do to spice up your Christmas party, make sure you have a fantastic menu to tantalize the taste buds of your family and friends. For more information, or to discuss catering options for your Christmas party, click here to contact a member of our team today!