Tips for Throwing Your Child a Bar or Bat Mitzvah

Bat and Bar Mitzvahs are important ceremonies celebrated by the Jewish faith. They mark a coming of age in young boys and girls and signify them reaching a period of their lives where they are ready to take religious responsibility. We cater to hundreds of Bar Mitzvahs in Philadelphia every year. They are often lavish celebrations where families get together to enjoy good food and a great atmosphere. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite tips for throwing a Bat or Bar Mitzvah for your child.

Know the Numbers

With large families and many friends wanting to be part of your child’s’ Bat or Bar Mitzvah, it can be difficult to estimate guest numbers. However, when sourcing a venue and approximating a budget, it helps to produce a rough estimate of a guest list. This list can always be updated at a later date.

Agree on a Theme

Deciding on whether the Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration will be traditional or themed can affect everything from the venue down to the menu. There are hundreds of options to choose from, but from experience, we’ve seen that traditional events are the most popular in the local community. Whatever type of event that you choose, make sure that it holds meaning for you and your family.

Choose the Best Caterer

The food at your celebration will be the most talked about part of the day when people go home and reflect. Arrange a food tasting with your caterer, and try and cater to everyone’s palates when making menu choices. Don’t be afraid to ask the caterer for recommendations as they will often be more experienced in the favorite traditional dishes served at Bat and Bar Mitzvah parties.

Decide on the Best Form of Entertainment

Keep informed regarding the latest trends as this is probably an essential part of the party in the eyes of your child. Try and include some traditional aspects as part of the entertainment as if you have opted for a themed party, this will keep all the guests happy. The final choice must represent the interests of your child, but don’t forget to include The Hora!

Don’t Panic

As long as you deliver all the essentials before the event, you can avoid any distractions on the day. Create lists and check off table plans, name places, and party favors. Most of all, enjoy yourself, place trust in your suppliers and let them take responsibility while you enjoy the best Bar Mitzvah parties in Philadelphia.

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