Three Tips for Hiring the Best Catering Company

With so many decisions involved, event planning is difficult enough as it is. The venue, the guests, the music, the list goes on. Throughout the planning process, with all the phone calls, emails, meetings, and moving parts, it can be easy to forget about the most important thing of all – the food! Whether it’s a corporate meeting, your daughter’s wedding, or a major fundraising event, don’t let catering be a major cause of stress for your next big event. With these tips in mind, we’re sure you’ll make an informed decision on who you trust to cater on the big day.

Here are three tips to ensure you hire the best catering company in Philadelphia:

Sample The Food!

Perhaps the most fun part of hiring a caterer – trying the food! Who doesn’t enjoy sampling Korean Style BBQ Beef Ribs, Alaskan salmon, and Italian tiramisu? Well, vegans might not approve, but any good caterer will happily accommodate any dietary requirements you and your guests may have. Not only do you get to taste the food for yourself, but you also get to see how it’s presented, an essential part of the catering experience. For these reasons, we highly suggest visiting your potential caterers to find what tastes, and looks, best to you.

Request Past Event Photos

It may seem like an odd request at first, but seeing how a caterer presents themselves and their food in past events can say a lot about their particular aesthetic. It will also give you an idea of how their staff presents themselves, whether they are purely professional, or involve a little flair or personality to the occasion. You never know what else might catch your eye, but at least you’ll have peace of mind knowing what you’re getting into.

Check References

You don’t become the best Bucks County catering company by sweeping your successes under the rug. Every caterer has a list of past clients who will serve as references for their new potential clients. Ask for these references. All of them. Even if the testimonials are a collection of swoon-stories, you are almost always guaranteed to learn something new and useful about the company and their services.

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