Popular Christmas Dishes from Around the Globe

As a leading provider of catering across the Philadelphia region, we’re proud to serve a range of custom menus to satisfied customers all year round. With Christmas on the horizon, we thought we would share some of the world’s most famous Christmas dishes with our customers. Perhaps you can add one of these to your festive menu this year. Or better yet, ask us to prepare one as part of your Christmas catering menu.


In England, a traditional turkey roast dinner is served with a range of different roasted vegetables. Brussels Sprouts are a vegetable traditionally served with Christmas dinner in the UK. However, their taste, smell, and character often lead to divided opinions amongst families each year. Traditional Christmas fig pudding is usually served as dessert and is served with cream made with fresh brandy.


Traditionally, most Australians will have a barbecue for their Christmas dinner. Many Aussies stroll down to their favorite beach with their families, taking ice boxes filled with meats and cold beers. It’s common to see fresh fish and prawns on one barbecue, with steaks, sausages, and burgers grilling away on another. 


Christmas dishes that are popular in Norway include Julepølse (pork sausage with cloves, nutmeg, ginger, and mustard seed), lutefisk, Pinnekjøtt ( fried, salted and served with steamed lamb’s ribs), svineribbe (roasted skin-on pork ribs), and sossier (miniature sausages). As a side, sweet and sour red cabbage is served. All of this is traditionally washed down with juleøl (Christmas beer) or julebrus, which is a non-alcoholic soft drink brewed by most popular Norwegian breweries.

New Zealand

In New Zealand, similar to Britain, mince pies, turkey, ham, and Christmas pudding are all popular dishes for Christmas time. They all serve plenty of sausages with their main meal. Desert is usually a pavlova, which is a meringue that is fluffy inside but baked with a crispy shell. This dessert is topped with pomegranate seeds and come special Christmas Chantilly cream for some added indulgence.

The Philippines

Lechon, otherwise known as a whole roast suckling pig, is a standard centerpiece on a Filipino Christmas table. This is served with Edam cheese, noodles with meat and vegetables, ham, and a goat stew known as Kaldereta. 

For dessert, Filipinos enjoy sweet purple rice with coconut and sugar (Puto Bumbong) and layered dessert with sugar, butter, coconut milk, and rice flour (Bibinka).
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