Have a Lot of Kids Coming to Your Wedding? Here’s What You Need to Know

Wedding receptions are a fun and amazing experience for wedding guests following the ceremony. Since receptions should always be fun and engaging for guests of all ages, it is important for wedding planners to keep in mind the children that will be invited to the wedding. Little cousins, nieces and nephews can be in attendance since a wedding is a celebration that is to be enjoyed with the entire family.


We here at Catering By Mario’s, the top Philly catering company, are proud to offer tips and important things to remember when planning a wedding. Anyone who has a big extended family and will have kids coming should remember these easy tips when planning a wedding:

Area For Kids to Play


Depending on the size of the venue, setting up a designated area or room for the kids to run and be kids will help the parents enjoy the party because they won’t have to worry about spending the night entertaining their kids when they get bored. Allowing the kids to run freely (with supervision, of course) will help make the night more enjoyable for all.


Parents can even go a step further and take a turn watching over the kids in short periods of time. Taking turns between all the parents can make each turn watching over the kids very short.


Kids Menu


This may be pretty obvious, but there aren’t many kids interested in eating salmon or filet mignon. Having a kids menu full of chicken fingers, mac and cheese, and french fries is important to remember when planning what dishes you will be offered to guests with the caterer. We here at Catering by Mario’s can help put together a kids menu while also creating elegant dishes for the adults.


Seek Out a DJ Who Works Well With Children


Although the spotlight on the big day is reserved for the bride and groom, there is still plenty of ways for a DJ or MC to get the kids involved early in the night. Limbo, line dances, and musical chairs are an easy way to tire out some of the children early in the night.


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