Italian Culinary Inspiration from the Source

Given the current climate, it can be hard to find the inspiration to create a good home-cooked meal for you and your family. Wanting to bring the “Family Night at the Dinner Table” tradition back for the benefit of your family is a good idea, but if you don’t have a ready list of classic family recipes at the ready, knowing where to start can be a challenge. It’s why our very own Chef Mario is coming to a YouTube and social channel near you to help you out!

“Cooking with Mario” is a new series where Chef Mario walks you through some of his favorite recipes, including a couple of closely guarded family secrets. The series taps into Chef Mario’s Italian heritage and culinary influences. Chef Mario highlights various recipes from his Nonna’s Ricotta cookies, to Mario’s Famous Meatballs. Many of these dishes can be found in some shape or form in our Philadelphia-based wedding catering menu.

Chef Mario walks you through how to create these Italian classics in your home while encouraging you to start new traditions with your family inspired by these classic dishes. A step-by-step walkthrough of how to make traditional Italian pizza without having a pizzeria grade oven is a snap thanks to Chef Mario, and your kids will thank you for it. He also settles one of the most hotly contested debates in the culinary world; is it sauce, or is it gravy? You have to watch the video at @cooking_with_mario on Instagram to find out from the man himself!

Whether you watch Chef Mario go fishing for fresh striped bass or finding out what breakfast food he recommends to cook for your mom, “Cooking with Mario” gives viewers insight into Italian cooking. It is the inspiration from a master that you need when looking for ways to liven up the kitchen. 

Whether you are looking for new inspiration for family dinner nights or looking at the mind behind the menus for our corporate catering services in South Jersey, “Cooking with Mario” brings you classic Italian recipes that give you a little taste of Italy. Follow “Cooking with Mario” on Instagram and on YouTube to watch the newest episodes!