How to Manage Your Mental Health While Planning Your Wedding

With every big day comes a ton of stress, and unlike a job interview, there’s only one shot at the perfect wedding day with your spouse. Combine the nonstop planning, phone calls, and errands over months at a time, and it’s clear why many couples struggle mentally during this period. Fortunately, plenty of people have gone through the steps of a wedding, and there are various tips to ease stress and help couples enjoy the days leading up to their nuptials. Here are some great tips on managing your mental health while planning your wedding day.

Budget, Budget, Budget

Money is arguably the biggest stressor during this time. Weddings can be expensive and come with a ton of payments, both big and small. Setting a proper budget is important, and knowing how much you’ve committed to spending can help narrow down how much is left to work with. Split up your money into different categories to ensure the right amounts are allocated to the right products and that the calculations are down to a tee. If all breaks right, you might even have more money left over than previously expected.

Prioritize the Most Important Parts of Your Wedding

Couples always have different needs for their weddings, so plan what matters most for your marriage. Some couples prioritize wedding photos or decorations. Start choosing a photographer early and spend more of your budget on a professional photographer. Others prioritize good food! Consider an off-premise wedding service that can do everything from making the food to handling event planning duties. 

Set Boundaries for You and Your Partner

Weddings are not only one of the best days of your life but also an amazing experience for friends and family members. Throughout the complexity of the wedding process, sometimes things can get overwhelming, and other parties can start to influence the planning more than they need to. 

While they aren’t going to be stress-free, weddings are meant for brides and grooms first and foremost. If other members are having too much say in the wedding process, it’s okay to set a few boundaries for you and your spouse to help lower stress levels.

Take Time to Enjoy the Process

There may be a few stressful situations, but wedding planning is meant to be fun and exciting. If you don’t find yourself enjoying much of it, maybe take some time to relax and appreciate the little things. Connect with your partner on ideas for the guest list, enjoy cake tastings, or hire a wedding planner if things get tough. The best way to manage mental health is to keep stress down, and taking some time to feel good about your new direction is a great way to relax.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

It can be tempting to want to handle everything on your own, but brides and grooms don’t have to be alone. Be open and honest about how you feel, and don’t hesitate to ask for help at any step of the process. It could be simply asking your partner for help with a task you thought you could handle alone or getting professional help to reduce stress and find new ways to deal with the added toll of wedding planning. There’s never any shame in getting good support, so reach out at any point if your mental health is waning.

Choose a Catering Service That Makes It Easy for Your Wedding

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