How to Make Delicious Burrata Cheese Pizza at Home

It all starts with homemade dough and carefully selected ingredients. Chef Mario brings you a delicious Burrata cheese pizza that can be easily made at home. Whether you are looking for a family meal or planning a socially-distanced event at your home, Chef Mario’s burrata cheese pizza is sure to impress your family and friends alike. 

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Let’s watch as Chef Mario explains his process of creating this delicious dish:

Preparing your oven is the first step. You should preheat the oven at 550 degrees (F) to ensure the pizza cooks thoroughly. For best results, we recommend using a pizza stone and making sure that it gets to the preferred temperature. If the stone is not heated enough, the pizza will not cook evenly in an oven — leading to disastrous results.

Chef Mario’s ingredients are simple yet delicious. Start by making and preparing homemade dough, and then add light tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Once all the ingredients are in place, cook your pizza in the oven for approximately 10 minutes. When you’ve achieved the perfect temperature, remove the pizza and add burrata cheese to the center, carefully cutting  and spreading it outward to the pizza’s edges. All you need to do from there is add some fresh basil and roasted peppers, slice it up and serve! 

Once you become more comfortable with the recipe, you can also add unique toppings to personalize your pizza. Some popular toppings include mushrooms, black olives, cut tomatoes, and spinach. Whatever additional items you add to your pizza, using Chef Mario’s technique is a recipe for success.

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