Having a Fall Wedding? Here’s What to Know

With deep reds, oranges, and browns, fall is a beautiful time of year to complement your wedding with autumnal colors and flavors. As the leading provider of custom wedding catering and excellent event planners in Philadelphia, we’re here to help couples make their special day unforgettable.

Do you plan to hold your wedding in the fall? These tips are especially for you!

Make Your Guests’ Comfort a Top Priority

Dismal weather conditions are always a possibility when it comes to fall weddings. Therefore, we recommend having a contingency plan in place to ensure that all guests are comfortable should the weather take a turn for the worse. If you are using a gazebo, think about flooring in case of rain as nobody wants a wedding plagued with mud and slip hazards. If there is a chance of a cold front, consider hiring heaters for your guests.

Book Wedding Vendors as Soon as Possible

If you’ve picked a desirable location that’s known for its colorful autumnal displays, you’re probably not the first in line. Therefore we recommend booking transportation, catering, hotels, and the venue well in advance. September and October are the wedding season’s busiest period amongst vending professionals. Sites, in particular, can get overbooked months in advance. Therefore, as soon as you have your date penciled in your calendar, pick up the phone and start booking to avoid disappointment.

Use Seasonal Produce

Talk to your caterer about incorporating autumn produces into your wedding menu. Mushroom, pumpkins, and squash can be married to slow roasted meats to create some fantastic dishes. Seasonal fruits such as pears can be tied to ginger to create delicious cocktails. Lemon adds a tasty twist to champagne, and prosecco drinks served with a sprig of seasonal rosemary. Here at Catering by Marios, we’re open to suggestions to help you create a unique wedding menu that makes the most of the season’s colors and flavors.

Take Advantage of Nature’s Colors

If you want to create beautiful photo opportunities, then factor in some incredible viewpoints to your wedding itinerary. Autumn hues make for beautiful backdrops to wedding photographs. Combined with sunsets, nature’s collection of reds, oranges, and yellows can complement custom attires and centerpieces present at your ceremony and celebrations.For more information, or to speak to experienced wedding planners in Philadelphia, call Catering by Mario’s at 267-234-7905 or click here now.