Your Guide to Throwing an Impressive Company Picnic

One way to reward your hardworking employees is by throwing a good, old-fashioned company picnic. The thing is—there’s just so much planning involved that you don’t think you have the time. Well, fear not, because our team at Catering by Mario’s is ready to help with whatever you need. Whether you need us for the food and drink service, the event planning, or just about everything, we will provide! We offer picnic catering services throughout Philadelphia, PA, as well as the surrounding area. Here’s your guide to throwing an impressive company picnic:

Survey Your Employees’ Tastes

When we say tastes, we’re not just talking about what they’d prefer regarding food and beverages. This is a picnic, so we suggest going all out! This event is for your employees, so give them a few options to choose from regarding the location, theme, games and entertainment, and, of course, food.


Plan for the Weather

Since the weather can be pretty unpredictable during the spring, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead. We suggest making sure you have enough umbrellas and tents so your guests can stay comfortable in case it’s rainy, ample sunblock and shade in case it’s sunny, and blankets and heaters in case it’s cold. If you think it’s necessary, you can also have a Plan B location in case you need to relocate there.


Choose One of Our Picnic Packages!

At Catering by Mario’s, we have a variety of picnic packages available for your off-premise party, whether it’s in the Philadelphia area or someplace in Bucks County. Check out our picnic packages to see what you’ll get by choosing the Basic, Plus, or Gala package. We can also customize your menu to cater to all of your guests in attendance.


By using the proper planning, you’ll ensure that your company picnic is a success, impressing your employees and hopefully giving them a little morale boost. At Catering by Mario’s, we also offer Philadelphia wedding catering throughout the year. Whether you’re looking to throw the picnic of the year or the wedding of a lifetime, please give us a call today at 267-234-7905.