Four Things to Consider When Event Planning in Philadelphia

Tips from the Professionals:

When event planning in Philadelphia, it’s essential to partner with a company that has professional caterers and planners on board. This takes the stress out of planning an event and leaves most of the detailed negotiations and decisions in the hands of professionals.

There can be many decisions to be made when planning an event; below are some suggestions to help you prepare for your next event.

The Venue:

How many guests would you like to attend your event and what type of event will you be hosting? Do you need space for dancing or a DJ? Will you need AV equipment and tables set up? What about catering services? Transportation to and from the venue? Marketing to promote the event?

Our professional team of planning and catering experts can assist you with finding solutions to all of the scenarios mentioned above, making your event planning an easy journey, supported from start to finish.

The Theme:

What is the primary purpose of your event? What is the main takeaway that you would like your guests to leave the event with? Once you’ve decided to plan either a corporate or personal event, consider how you can maximize attendance while creating the desired atmosphere for yourselves and the guests that you want to attend.

Who to Invite?

Whether a personal party or a corporate affair, your guest list needs to reflect this appropriately. The guests need to be in line with the themes, goals, and aspirations of the event. Is the event suitable for all those that you are planning to invite? Does your budget sit comfortably with the number of guests that you plan to attend? For corporate events, it’s important to pick your guests carefully in line with the event goals. For personal events, it’s important to RSVP with enough time to guarantee the budget covers all.

Marketing your Event:

How will people know that your event is happening? How will they know where it is, and how to get there? Will you utilize social media? Will you send out personalized invitations? Will you create and disseminate a press release if the event is for a business audience to generate interest?

We’ve got decades of experience catering for parties in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Whether it’s a business lunch, a leaving party, or a huge wedding, our staff are here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today to discuss your next event.