Essential Corporate Picnic Planning Tips From the Pros

With spring around the corner and warmer weather arriving, thoughts of planning your next company picnic come to the forefront. However, if your employees see the possibility of a company-sponsored picnic with general apathy or dread, it could mean it’s time for you to take your picnic planning up a notch. An experienced Philly picnic catering company could help elevate your picnic experience, but it’s not the only way to give your employees an event to remember. 

Set a Budget and Stick to It

Successful events have a few key similarities, no matter the occasion. The first common factor pertains to the overall budget. Every event planner and caterer in Philadelphia will tell you that the budget will have a significant impact on the success of your picnic. 

How much you can use for catering services, securing seating for your team, and the event location all gets factored into your budget. Setting a number for the budget and not overextending it will help put on the best event possible. 

Choosing a Date

The time of year you schedule the event can quickly make or break your special occasion. You want to find the perfect balance between warmer temperatures and avoid the potential for the weather to throw a wrench into your event. Do some research into when the traditional rainy seasons are in the Philadelphia area and have a couple of backup dates in mind — just in case. 

Find a Time to Works for Everyone

Your guest list will help determine what time you schedule the event. If your guest list consists strictly of your team members, organizing the event during work hours can save you some logistical nightmares. If you have family members coming to the event, planning it on the weekend or the off-hours opens up the possibilities for start times. 

Pick a Theme

Every event is better with a unique theme. Different times of the year lend themselves to different themes, so choosing seasonal themes has proven a safe way to plan your corporate event. Spring picnics lend themselves to light and fresh cuisine prepared by Philly’s favorite off-site catering company, Catering by Mario’s. 

Hire Experienced Corporate Caterers

Our catering team has helped a wide range of corporate clients plan, prep, and deliver a fantastic company picnic experience that their team has remembered for years. We help planning an event go from an anxiety-inducing proposition to a successful event with professional catering delivered to your guests to help fuel them for the team-building events. 

Catering by Mario’s services includes expert event planning and corporate catering that will help you handle the two biggest challenges to putting on a successful outdoor picnic event. We can help navigate the intricacies of planning every step of your picnic experience and ensure the food you serve will be remembered fondly by every guest. 

Don’t let your next company picnic go down in history as one of the most boring your team can remember. Contact the Catering by Mario’s team to learn how we can help your next company picnic today!