Cooking with Mario Presents: Zuppa Di Pesce!

While we are waiting for the world to open up and for us to go back to being your go-to wedding planners in Philadelphia, Chef Mario has a new recipe for you to try! On the latest episode of “Cooking with Mario,” Chef Mario listened to his wife and went fishing in search of the perfect catch for a classic Fisherman’s Stew, also known as Zuppa Di Pesce. Going down to the Jersey Shore led Chef Mario to catch a whopping 35 lb stingray. From there, Chef Mario leads us through breaking down the fish and turning it into a deliciously hearty Zuppa Di Pesce stew!

Breaking Down the Stingray

The heart of any Zuppa Di Pesce is the fish you use as the base. In this instance, Chef Mario used a freshly-caught skate. With fish this fresh, you will have to butcher it yourself to get to the nice, meaty fillets that will form the core of your Zuppa Di Pesce. Chef Mario goes through the step-by-step process of butchering the skate properly; however, if you lack the knife skills for this culinary art, you can go to your local supermarket and get a suitable whitefish substitute. 

You Love to See a Recipe Come Together

While the fresh fish might be the heart and soul of the Zuppa Di Pesce, the additional ingredients give the meal its character. As the translated “Fisherman’s Stew” implies, this meal is a seafood-forward dish. In addition to the fresh skate, you can add mussels, shrimp, and other fish protein to your stew to give it that briny, oceanic flavor profile. To help fill out the stew and provide additional depth of flavor, Chef Mario utilized:

  • 1 cup diced onion.
  • 2 cups diced celery.
  • 2 ounces diced garlic.
  • One long hot pepper.
  • Fresh Thyme.
  • Fresh Bayleaf.
  • Six medium red bliss potatoes (cubed).

After getting everything together in a pot and letting it cook so the flavors can marry properly, it’s time to eat like the Italian fishermen of old. You have a classically hearty Zuppa Di Pesce for you and your family to enjoy while celebrating the bounty that the ocean provides when we give it the respect it deserves. 

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