Catering Tips to Make Your Fall Event Spectacular

As a high-end catering company in Philadelphia, Catering by Mario’s is committed to providing the best off-premise catering for your event. With Labor Day Weekend having passed and fall about to hit full swing, there are plenty of factors to take into account when looking to make your event a huge hit during this season.

Know Your Location

Between the lingering heat of summer and the early cold fronts of winter, fall can often be an unpredictable month, which can be an obstacle in determining where an event is held. An outdoor occasion on a cold, windy day can make your guests miserable, while an indoor event on a beautiful day will make your guests wonder why they are stuck inside. We specialize in both indoor and outdoor events, which should ease your decision-making process.

Find Your Vision

For just about any season, it’s essential to have your event mapped out with things that you know you want, and the impending fall holidays only amplify this stress. Having a few general ideas mapped out before scheduling will save you plenty of headaches and mistakes along the planning process, and will ensure that the CBM team can make your party perfect.

Different Menus for Different Seasons

Just as BBQs are typically associated with summer, different foods are usually associated with fall. Fruit is always popular during this season, whether it be standalone in a fruit bowl or an ingredient in a specialty menu item with fruit baked into it. Fall is also an excellent time for comfort food – so soups, macaroni and cheese, and rotisserie chicken can all be massive hits this time of year. With an extensive menu, Catering by Mario’s makes it easy to select the dishes that will be suited best for you and your guests.

Get Creative!

Fall is a fun season! Between back-to-school, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, there are plenty of themes that can add some spice to your catering event this season. October and November are perfect times for a harvest theme, complete with menu and decor to match. September and early October spark visions of farms and outdoor activities. Most notably, who doesn’t think of fall without thinking of football? Adding a tailgating flair to your catering is always a fun touch this time of year.
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