Beyond Quarantine: How Catering By Mario’s Helps You Plan for the Future

Our “new normal” has challenged most of life’s constants, such as visiting loved ones, grocery shopping, going on vacations, and enjoying recreational activities. Work-from-home arrangements are more ubiquitous than ever, while some individuals’ employment is in a state of flux. Events such as graduations, parties, weddings, birthday celebrations, concerts, and much more have been canceled due to the pandemic. In light of this widespread pause, it may feel as if life itself has been put on indefinite hold. However, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. By the time the “old normal” resumes, Catering By Mario’s will have been with you every step of the way.

Catering Your Future Events

While more immediate happenings have been canceled or postponed, we understand that you may have been planning things farther into 2020 or even for 2021 — perhaps a wedding, retirement party, birthday, or something else closer to the holiday season. While there may be some aspects of your occasion that you can’t get a headstart on, securing a dependable catering company doesn’t have to be one of them! To learn more about our venue and catering availability, give us a call.

The Ultimate Welcome Back Party

Not all cater-worthy events are planned so far in advance. As companies open their doors and employees start returning to their offices, perhaps management wants to celebrate their employee’s demonstrated commitment to the organization with a catered party. 

That said, our corporate caterers near Montgomery County understand that the public consciousness is shifting to an increasingly hygienic, more distant space — reach out to us about contactless catering delivery.

Meal Planning

Are you stuck in quarantine for who-knows-how-long? Would you be interested in an easy solution to feed the family for a while? Take a bite out of our quarantine menu! We’ve included some of our most popular dishes as well as other fan favorites to keep you and the family satisfied all week long. When you place an order over $50, delivery is free!

For more information about how Catering By Marios can help you, your family, and your fellow employees, contact us today for our corporate catering services near South Jersey and beyond!