4 Ideas for Your Corporate Halloween Party

The holiday season is fast approaching — and the first festival to kick off the season will, of course, be Halloween! As you busily begin planning your company’s upcoming party of All Hallows’ Eve, check out some of these amazingly spooky party tips to make your Halloween party a blast that everyone will remember!

1. Murder Investigation Party

You don’t have to deck out your party hall with fake gore to cultivate a Halloween atmosphere; there are other ways to create the eerie feel you’re going for without scaring your guests to death.

An old-fashioned whodunit murder investigation party could be an excellent way of entertaining your party guests while also encouraging team-building, all while maintaining a light party atmosphere. Design your own heart-stopping murder story, and see if the guests can figure out the culprit before the evening is out!

2. Scary Story Contest

Who doesn’t love a scary story for Halloween? Let your employees and party know ahead of time that you’ll be having a scary story contest during the party, and see what they come up with! Have a small prize handy for whoever spins the most frightening tale, and let the ghost stories begin!

3. Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving for Halloween is one of those things that will never go out of style. If your office Halloween party is going to be a little bit more on the casual side, why not have your guests express their artistic side? Just bring in some pumpkins, knives, and black markers, and see what sort of Jack O’ Lanterns folks come up with! They don’t have to limit themselves to the classic Jack O’ Lantern features, either — encourage people to get creative! 

4. Fantastic Food!

Okay, so great food is perfect for any occasion, but it’s still worth mentioning! Make sure to cater your office Halloween party with nothing less than the best available by getting in touch with Catering by Mario’s!

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