3 Things To Remember When Planning Your Holiday Party

Fall has arrived, and with cooler temperatures also comes the chance to start planning your holiday parties. Those who typically have Thanksgiving and Christmas at their home can soon start planning what they’re going to serve for their holiday parties. At Catering By Mario’s, we have helped party planners all across the Philadelphia area.


As the top choice for off-site catering in Bucks County, PA, many people have turned to us for catering help for their party. From providing one or two dishes to handling almost every aspect of their party, we can help in a multitude of ways. Those hosting any kind of holiday party should keep these few things in mind when planning their party:

Remember to Get a Head Count


It’s easy to ignore getting a head count when planning a family function, but you should always just double check. Younger family members with boyfriends or girlfriends can change the number of people coming over. Just a couple of uninvited guests may lead to not enough food to go around for everyone. Getting a final count of the number of guests weeks before the big day can help avoid any issues.


Don’t Forget About the Kids


Parents may be looking forward to some exquisite cuisine, but the kids aren’t going to be as excited about shrimp scampi as the adults. With that in mind, it is important to remember to have something for the younger ones to eat.


Consider Having Alcohol (But Always Be Safe About It)


As joyous as the holidays may seem, they can also be very stressful for some people. One way to relieve stress for some people is by having a drink or two. However, it is important to make sure everyone is safe about it.


For over 40 years, businesses and party planners have turned to us for some help with their holiday parties. As the top choice for corporate catering services in Montgomery County, PA, we have just what it takes to make your party one that your guests will never forget (or at least until next year). Give us a call today at 267-234-7905 to get started.