3 Summer Catering Trends You May See at Weddings in 2018

If you have a summer wedding coming up, planning ahead is crucial to creating the best event possible! But how can you help your special event capture the feel and zeitgeist of the upcoming summer? Read on to learn three hot trends that bridal bloggers say will be all over the country in the upcoming summer. Consider incorporating one of these up-and-coming catering trends into your event with the help of a professional Philadelphia event planning company!

Go rustic. Gone are the days of weddings featuring boring, stuffy entrees and appetizers. Many couples are choosing to opt for traditional stationed entrees that add a touch of country flair to a summer wedding for a more home-style and rustic feel. If you are looking to add a little southern charm to your upcoming summer wedding, Catering by Mario’s recommends opting for their antipasto or domestic cheese stations for cocktail hour, which capture both a range of big tastes as well as the casual flavor of the countryside.

Extend dessert hour. Who doesn’t love to indulge in some dessert? Couples planning a summer wedding are choosing to go above and beyond when it comes to cutting the cake by introducing a Viennese table to their reception. A Viennese table, like those available from Catering by Mario’s, includes a scrumptious dessert buffet full of pastries, fresh fruit, and freshly-baked cookies in addition to the classic white tiered cake. A Viennese table is the perfect way for couples who love dessert to treat themselves and their guests!

Live like Gatsby. If you’ve ever read The Great Gatsby (or saw the movie), then you probably remember the luxurious parties that Jay Gatsby would throw for his guests. This summer, you can expect to see more white glove appetizers, champagne toasts, and decadent dinners on the wedding scene!

No matter which summer trend appeals to you, you’ll have a stress-free catering experience when you choose Catering by Mario’s. If you’re interested in learning more, give our team a call at 267-234-7905 to learn more about our catering services in PA and how to get started today!