3 Must-Haves For a Fun, Kid-Friendly Wedding

Wedding receptions are a blast for the adults, but making sure the children are having fun is important, too! Those in the process of scheduling their big day are currently realizing that planning a wedding is much more difficult than it seems. From the dozens of choices for flowers and venues, there a ton of decisions that are involved when planning the perfect wedding. For those who will be inviting guests with children, remembering these three tips to help accommodate children can help make their reception run smoothly:

Kids’ Menu

With so much planning going into the plates of food served for your guests, it can often be easy to forget the need for a menu for the kids. While the decision of food for the kids’ menu won’t be as difficult as salmon or filet mignon for the adults, making sure the children have food to enjoy is a must. Finding the right catering company in Philly can help put together a great menu for both the adult and children at your wedding.

Set Boundaries/Kid Only Zone

While there is no guarantee of children partaking in the music and dance, setting up boundaries or a play area for the kids can help them enjoy the night while not being stuck with their parents. Allowing children to play freedom or tag throughout a designated area can help them burn themselves out by the end of the night (when you want them to go to bed).

Let the DJ Know Ahead of Time About Children

It is smart to remind the DJ beforehand that children will be in attendance. This will give he or she time to browse what they anticipate to play for any explicit content. Not too many DJs plan to play vulgar content at a wedding; however, it’s easy to forget about certain curse words in some songs.

Everyone wants their big day to get as smooth as possible. Picking the right caterers in Bucks County can help makes things perfect. At Catering by Mario’s, your wedding is in the best possible hands. Since 1975, we have helped take weddings to the next level. To get the ball rolling with your wedding, give us a call today at 267-234-7905.