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off site catering in philadelphiaFor over 20 years, Catering by Mario’s has been providing the Philadelphia Metropolitan area with the finest in Social and Corporate catering at affordable pricing. We also offer the best off site catering in Philly.

Our catering company in Philly pays extra attention to the little details involved with executing a perfect event. If there are special things that you may desire please feel free to inquire about them from one of our sales representatives.

We at Catering by Mario’s are looking forward to catering your special occasion, whether it is a corporate event or a special dinner for Christmas in Philly. When you hire Catering by Mario’s to prepare and coordinate the details of your event it gives you the chance to sit back, relax and be a guest at your own occasion without any worries.

We hope you enjoy our web site and please, if you have any questions or special requests, feel free to contact us or set up an appointment so that we may better serve you. You should be free to enjoy the best catering in Philly!

Mario & John Incollingo

Types of events and parties that we cater

At Catering by Mario’s we cater every type of party and event to meet your needs with several menu options to fit any theme or mood, insuring the best possible eating experience to compliment your special occasion. We provide the best off premise catering in Philly, that will you’re your event memorable forever. Here is a list of the types of events and parties that we cater.  If we missed any, please just call us and ask and we are sure that we can still help you with all your catering needs.



Five basic rules for choosing the catering service that best fits your needs

Whether you are a regular user of catering services or are planning that once in a lifetime party, choosing the right catering service for your needs is the first step toward a great catered event. Whether your affair calls specifically for wedding caterers, party catering or business event catering; to find a catering service in Philadelphia, New Jersey or Delaware that you can work with easily and that will be there when you need it, follow these five common-sense suggestions:

Match the caterer to the event and your needs

Use the Yellow Pages or search the Internet to find caterers in your area. Talk to friends and co-workers about their preferred caterers. Consider their specialties and whether they match the party you have in mind. Ask about any experience your associates may have had with the caterer’s event planning services, if it applies. When you identified a few reputable firms that do catering in your area, set up interviews with them and visit their catering facilities.

Take notes during these interviews and make a list of your preferred caterers. If necessary, take into account factors such as ethnic specialties and your guests’ special dietary needs, if any. If you are planning an event at a site away from the catering hall, consider the distance the caterer will have to travel and the risk of traffic delays or other unforeseen mishaps.

Don’t be afraid to ask caterers for references

Get a list of the caterer’s previous customers for similar events and talk to them. Be considerate of their time and appreciative of their assistance, but also beware of possible collusion. Also request a list of the caterer’s local vendors and see if you can get references from them. It wouldn’t hurt to check the caterer’s track record with local trade associations and the Better Business Bureau, as well.

Investigate before you decide – avoid surprises

Ask for a copy of the caterer’s standard contract and read it. Be sure you understand its basic provisions and ask questions if you don’t. Inspect sample catering menus and taste samples of the caterers food, if possible. This is especially important if you are planning an event that involves ethnic specialties or other culinary challenges. Other suggestions:

  • Visit the caterer’s party hall (if applicable)
  • Check out photo albums of previously catered events similar to yours. When looking at photos, concentrate on room decorations, table settings and the mood of the guests in the pictures.
  • Inspect the caterer’s food preparation and delivery facilities.

Don’t hesitate to discuss your budget and ask about options

Reputable, experienced caterers make customers comfortable when discussing planning budgets, options and contingencies. You should not feel embarrassed to tell a caterer that you have a certain amount to spend and that the event should be planned accordingly. Also, be sure you know what the extras will cost and all the obligations you are expected to cover. If you sense that the caterer is not being open or honest about price and cost, take your business to another caterer.

Make an action list and start early

You can avoid last-minute stress and expensive mistakes by starting early and jotting down a quick summary of the factors that you want to be the basis of your decision. Figure out a logical order for going about your decision-making and set up a schedule. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time and don’t trust to luck. A good action list and decision schedule will make a world of difference.


Simply stated, you don’t need to be a professional event planner to pick the right caterer for your next catered event. If you start early, plan ahead and follow through, you will have the facts you need to make a sound decision, so that when the big day comes, you can relax with your guest and enjoy yourself.

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